A Child of the King - Book II of the series "The God Manuscripts - A True Story ... Your Story"

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Paul Davis


"Are you ready to take the next step in your journey, to turn the next page in your story…?"

     This is Book II in the series The God Manuscripts. In "A Child of the King," the follow-up book to “I Love You” – A Message to You From the Heart of God, enter into the mind and heart of God, from God’s perspective, to discover God’s Father heart for you, His place for you in His family, and the privileges and responsibilities that await you if you will allow Him to make you into … A Child of the King.

     Do you ever wonder what it must be like to be royalty? What it’s like to be a child of the King? To have the ruler of the entire kingdom as your father, your dad?

     Do you ever wonder what privileges go along with being a child of the King? What influence, what position, what power must be yours to command?

     Do you ever wonder what responsibilities come with the privileges of being a child of the King? What it must be like to have to report to your father, the King, and answer the question, “How have you represented me and my kingdom, my child?”

     Did you know that in God’s kingdom, you can literally be a child of the King? Are you a child of the King? If not, do you know how to become one? If you are, how are you representing your heavenly Father?

      In Book II, A Child of the King, you come to know God's loving Father heart for you personally. Book II focuses on your relationships, with God, with others and with yourself. Learn what it really means to be a member of God's spiritual family as a 'Child of the King.'

     Take the next step in your journey with God....

Something Supernatural? Have you ever had something happen to you that you could not explain, but you knew that God was involved in it in a supernatural way? Something that you wanted to share with others, but you were afraid of what they would think about you? Something that was really so far fetched, so out of the box, that you were afraid that if you told anyone, you would be labeled a “nut case,” “a whack job,” etc.? But something that you knew you just had to share with others because you were “supposed to”, because it could help others, because it happened to you and no one else could tell the story? Even as I write this, my stomach is tightening and churning because I am still worried about what people will think about me, what they will say about me behind my back and to my face. My daughter who transcribed the manuscripts for me once asked me, “Dad, aren’t you afraid that people will think you’re a whack job?” Yes, I still am. But here goes anyway. The Story... I grew up going to church, maybe like you grew up going to your church, temple, synagogue, mosque, or wherever your house of worship was. In fact, I was a preacher’s kid and a missionaries’ kid, so I was taught a lot about God. I could say and do all the “right things”. But I never locked in on what I actually believed and how that should affect who I really was deep down inside. One thing led to another over the years until in my late thirties, I was in a deep, dark, desperate place in my life with nowhere to turn but to the only One I knew who could really help me. When I finally gave up trying to pretend to be someone I was not, God rescued me in a powerful, miraculous, life-altering way. In a short time, my questions were answered, my needs were met, and my true desires were fulfilled. But more on that story later in the first book. Years later, I tried several times to write down, to chronicle, my journey in a book in hopes of maybe helping others on their life’s journey. Over the next few months, I tried to begin the book several times, but I just couldn't seem to get it started. I would often hear in my mind, as if God were speaking to me, “Tell them My story by telling them your story, so I can tell them their story.” Because of my past, I was reluctant to tell anyone my story, much less put my story in a book for the whole world to see. One day I was sitting at my desk, alone in my law office, struggling with how to start the book, when I heard in my mind: "Son, if you will just pick up a pen and paper and write what you hear, I'll do this for you, and I promise not to embarrass you." So I did just that. I took a pen and a blank yellow legal pad, and I began to write in between appointments and telephone calls. Whenever I got quiet, I could "hear" in my mind, not audibly, but very clearly, about half way into the next sentence of the text. Over the next 3 ½ weeks, as I continued to fill up one blank yellow legal pad after another, first one book, then a second book, then a third book came exactly the same way. I just wrote as quickly as I could, with no plan, no outline, no notes, no preparation, just a pen and blank legal pads. The Manuscripts … When we transcribed the three handwritten manuscripts, they came out as three separate but related books in a series or trilogy. Each book was exactly nine chapters long, each one within one or two pages of the exact same length as the others, each one with the same format and structure. All three books are written as if God sat down and wrote the books directly to the reader, person-to-person, from God's perspective. You know, I don't really have a good explanation for why or how these three books came as they did. I'm just telling you what happened and how it happened. In fact, I kept the typed manuscripts of Book II and Book III in a file on the floor of my office for almost 2 years because I really didn't know what to do with them. Recently, several people have said to me, "It's time to do something with all three of the books.” These three books have greatly impacted many people. Many have said they heard directly from God, that their lives have been powerfully changed in different ways, both spiritually and emotionally, and even physically in miraculous ways. So we are releasing all three manuscripts for the first time together as three Ebooks on a variety of Ebook platforms (print versions coming soon): Book I - "I Love You" - A Message to You from the Heart of God Book II - A Child of the King Book III - Paradise Found Book I, Book II and Book III of The God Manuscripts are merely the typed out versions of the three original handwritten manuscripts in the yellow legal pads, with no substantive changes. Reading the Books … Are these three books really from God, or are they just the product of my imagination? That’s a question I have struggled with from time to time over the past few years. Many people have repeatedly told me that these books are definitely from God. But I want you to decide for yourself. Just for a moment, let’s assume that these three little books are from God. If they are, then what they appear to be are three little interactive guidebooks, written from God personally to you the reader, showing you exactly how to meet God person to person, how to talk to Him and hear from Him at any time, how to have your every question answered directly from God, and how to have your every need, physical, emotional, or spiritual, met directly by God. I know. Now you really think I’m a whack job! That’s why I want you to read all three books and decide for yourself. All I can do is tell you the truth about how the books came to be and make them available to you. Please keep in mind that the books are not meant to be just read as a normal book. All three books have interactive sections that you will want to stop and go through as you read. Also, because Book II and Book III build upon the truths and principles contained in each previous book, you will want to read the three books in numerical order – Book I, Book II, and then Book III. Whatever your beliefs about God, let me encourage you to read The God Manuscripts with an open heart and an open mind. If you will, and you take the time to let God speak to you His way, I truly believe that you will be impacted positively in ways that you may have never dreamed were possible, as God tells you your story. - Paul Davis