ABOUT Martin Upton-Eidland

Martin Upton-Eidland
Martin Upton-Eidland is certainly funny, has some good stories to tell, has a great attitude and is very welcoming. He was born in South Wales to an awesome Irish Mum. Martin's earliest memories arise from being raised in a chaotic family home in a 3 bedroomed council house (looking in G More...



When you are stressed, and need immediate support to help yourself through challenges, this book will fill that need providing the lessons that you need quickly.

Getting your thoughts and emotions in a good state helps you to deal with those tough situations in an easier and stress-free way. If you need to make more money, be in a good relationship, get a better career, or make any part of your life better in any way, then this practical guide is for you.

Dealing with a life crisis is tough and often without knowing it, we perform self sabotage in difficult situations (actually, in many situations). So this brief pocket guide is powerful enough for you to be able to take action straight away, and to get your thinking and habits healthy enough to support the wonderful and awesome life that you want to live.

The famous quotation by Buddha "We are what we think" is solid and true. Looking back on periods of my life and I can definitely see that the way in which I have thought has dictated the outcome of many situations, resulting in both good and bad. At those periods in my life I would have been extremely grateful to have a copy of "Practical Self Rescue" to help me.

The text contains many practical examples for you to follow and will help you a great deal in what you want to achieve out of your life.

With peace and love and success in your journey,