ABOUT Elyshia Brooks

Elyshia Brooks
Elyshia Brooks is a highly regarded Marketing/Branding Expert as owner of Elyshia Brooks, Inc. Throughout her career, she’s honed her skills in positions relating to direct marketing, public relations, marketing and business strategy, advertising, brand management and event management.  More...


You and your brand are “One.” How you represent your brand depends on how well you are conscious and willing to live your “authentic self.” However, that comes with knowing your worth, what you have to offer and how you present your brand to the world. What is your life supposed to do for others? How are you supposed to serve your clients and the world? But, what is holding you back from living your most authentic self in your business and your personal life? Elyshia takes you through her authentic transformational awareness process to finding your inner voice and then creating your own personal authentic branding message that will attract your divine clients. Elyshia shares her transformation as a business owner and finding her authentic voice. She explains her truth and how it came to be in terms of her business evolving from what she thought made her happy to what now brings her absolute joy. Elyshia believes whole-heartedly that her purpose is to serve others by encouraging, educating and empowering them to live their most authentic self and stand in their truth in business and in life. She believes in living your most “EXTRAORDINARY SELF” in your business and your personal life. She shows you how to find your authentic voice and how to share it with the world where your passion, purpose and pursuit bring forth the lifestyle that you desire and your business will reward you with. It is time to understand that you are your brand and you need to “Own It”, “Live It” and “Be It”! Find your authentic voice and scream it to the world exactly who you are so that you can attract and work with your divine clients that are willing and able to pay you what you are worth. Build an authentic personal brand that shares your uniqueness, creativity, and engage your divine clients on what you love to do. IT IS TIME TO LIVE AN AUTHENTIC & EXTRAORDINARY LIFE NOW!!!