Tales from the Weding Altar

Humor, Romance, Family & Relationships

By James E. McNamara

Publisher : Christopher Matthews Publishing

ABOUT James E. McNamara

James E. McNamara
Rev. James E. "Jimmy Mac" McNamara is an ordained minister performing weddings in Las Vegas—"the wedding capital of the world." He and his wife Lori live in Las Vegas and has been voted the #2 Wedding Officiant in Las Vegas for the past 3 years (but he's trying harder!)  


Hilarious and often outrageouos things overheard and seen at weddings the author has officiated at in Las Vegas -- bride to groom, groom to bride, fathers and mothers and family members.  I've heard it all from "You look hot" to "You clean up pretty good!"  Eavesdrop with me as brides, grooms, wedding party and family tell all in this funny and captivating book of short stories from the man who heard it all himself, Rev. Jimmy Mac!

I've been performing weddings in Las Vegas for several years. There are things that are said that, in most cases, we never meant to be heard by my ears. Some are funny, some are romantic, most are outrageous! Come behind me - lean over my shoulder - and listen to some of the things I see and hear as I share some of the Tales from the Wedding Altar!