The Angel with Burnt Wings

ABOUT Scarlett Jensen

Scarlett Jensen
Scarlett Jensen majored in Psychology, Sociology and Criminology. Her experience of 27 years in the South African Public Service involved administration, human resources, arts, culture, science and technology and language on national level. She lives in the Western Cape and is a freelance  More...



In this book we are reminded of the gripping stories of abuse,downfall, sex webs, crime, shackles and shame, gangster's molls, Bonnie and Clyde, the heartache of a fallen girl, the soul of a robber child, inflamed passion, and devotion to a dominant lover.


We often wonder what becomes of such victims. This story tells us of a real life crushing fall of an angel with burnt wings and her victory in becoming whole again. This is a book each of us should read to claim and confirm our moral confines and social responsibilities and experience the anointing miracle of forgiveness. These events could happen to anyone of us. Parents open your senses and hear the cries of your children in obscurity.