Day of the Elephants

ABOUT Ron Swager

Ron Swager
Ron Swager Author Day of the Elephants. Ron Swager is a Tucson businessman and entrepreneur. He has written many business plans, marketing plans, and sales training manuals but this book is his first published literary work. He knew immediately upon meeting Roland Deah that this story must More...


A true story of lives lost in Liberia and found in America. On Friday, May 27, 2011 a young African man, Roland Deah, walked into the Tucson Arizona office of Ron Swager and told a most amazing story of his adventurous and life-threatening journey to America. Try to imagine that you are an eight-year-old boy living a village life of peace, safety, and familial love. But, suddenly, you are caught in an explosion of death. In an instant, everything familiar is destroyed. You leave your childhood forever. For the next twenty years, you see the darkest possibilities of humanity. And then, you touch the majestic beauty and grace that triumph over darkness. Roland Deah’s loved ones were shot and blown to pieces. As a small boy, Roland experienced the ravages of war, he saw men hacked to death by machetes, women savagely raped, and endless rivers of refugees carrying nothing and walking toward the unknown. And, through the eyes of a refugee you will visualize a significantly different America than we living here perceive. When Roland was a child in Liberia, the concepts of freedom, democracy, respect for individuals, etc. were virtual synonyms for America. And most Liberians knew that! That is why refugees don’t make homemade boats to fight their way into China, Chile, or New Zealand. Roland’s dream was not to go to France (even though he spoke French) or to any other land. America was the only portal to what his heart reached for. This true story will excite you, make you angry, shed tears and literally touch every emotion – the shock of violence, the heartbreak of losing, the soul-stirring flashes of beauty, and the satisfaction of redemption.