From Boy, to Guy, to Gentleman

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Leon Benjamin

Publisher : Leon Benjamin

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Leon Benjamin
Self-Published Author.



Plunge head first into this amazing adventure in real life. The journey From Boy, to Guy, to Gentleman is a task best undertaken with an open mind and learning attitude. The love for one’s self and others are powerful invisible forces that persuade and influence the majority of our decisions in life. Rather than be a passenger, be the director and steer your love life in the direction you choose. Perfection is the aim, but never an achievement. As humans, we will always have inspirations, needs and wants. Without these basic necessities of life, we would become restless, bored and miserable. Take life by the horns and create the love life you enjoy, without the wishes and hopes of what could be!

Join the 100+ readers on smashwords who've already downloaded the e-book version and loving it. Five star reviews by women and promotion haven't even begun. This is a timeless masterpiece that aims to assist men in their early 20's and up, how would like to turn society around for the better. Gentlemen are now an endangered species. With the destructive music, mentality and uncontrolled younger generation, we are surely headed down a road that is unpredictable. The book is only 136 pages and about 128 pages of actual material. A very short book, with all the information you need to become what a woman of integrity would consider a "Gentleman" or a man of class. The book is FREE to download and will remain that way forever. Look out for the Soft-Cover edition coming out this fall!