Gone Too Soon

ABOUT Sparkling Amethyst

sparkling amethyst
I write romance and I am 14.



I loved Mike with all my heart. Things were going so well, until I asked him to meet my family. I guess that's not what he wanted. My mum and dad genuinely seemed to like him. They asked him to come back and see us again so we could make marriage arrangements ...but he never came back. I waited and waited for him to come through that door, but he didn't. Eventually I decided that I couldn't take it any longer, so I ran away from home so I could find him, but to no avail. Love hurts. It was love that ruined my life, putting me in pure danger. When I found him I was so happy to see him, but it hadn't gone as I had planned. He had appeared to have forgotten me, and all of his family went against me because I looked like a complete stranger to them. Just when things were about to get worse, I found out that my childhood best friend Jasmine, who I hadn't seen for such a long time, was getting married to him. I felt my heart breaking. After that things got really out of hand. Jasmine was murdered by someone when she was getting changed for her wedding day. The person at the scene of the crime was that person who I'd given my heart to. Mike. I convinced myself to fall out of love with him, and married his brother instead. But something didn't feel right about it. When he was taken to court, I knew through my blood that it couldn't have been him. I was determined to find out the truth, and win back the love of my life. How I was going to do this I had no idea...