Devil's Cast

ABOUT Sparkling Amethyst

sparkling amethyst
I write romance and I am 14.



Jazz is a medical student studying at university with her best friends. For her case study she begins to look more and more into the life of one particular man, who used to be so well in business, who met the girl of his dreams, who was such a family man, who was so handsome. But after a tragic murder of his love, all because of his worst enemy, he ended up with memory loss. He survived the murder. But now, all of this man's life was lost because of his problem, and he couldn't do anything about it. All he could do was take photos and notes to remember, when he took the photo of the man who had killed his soon-to-be wife... As Jazz looked more and more into his past, the more and more she got involved in his life, leading her to a blood-thirsty murder of such a famous man who used to be good friends with her, which she never wanted to be a part of...