A Change for Good Temperatism; in pursuit of a People Centred Ideology

A Change for Good Temperatism; in pursuit of a People Centred Ideology

ABOUT Carrie Foster

Carrie Foster


Temperatism is a new ideology, invented by Carrie, that is basically a political manifesto; economic treaty and social call to arms.

Change For Good asks the childlike, innocent question “What if Organizations pursued something other than an economic agenda?” As an Organizational Developer, Carrie finds these type of questions most effective when coaching, for driving innovation and creativity. For jumping people out of their normal linear thinking and getting them to take a look at things from a different angle. Opening up their mind to new ideas, absurd ideas, ridiculous notions, that might, just might be the answer and solution we were looking for all along.

As Carrie says in her Author’s Note: This book isn’t intended to have all the answers, but to present a number of arguments based on the idea that the capitalist profit agenda is not benefiting society or democracy and doesn’t have to be the only agenda that organizations and society have to follow. What follows is a proposition of an alternative agenda of Doing Good and the introduction of a new ideological framework - Temperatism.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein.

This book is to #bethechange for business and organizations, and for students in Business; Philosophy; Politics; and Sociology, to think about how organizations are currently being run and to develop a more ‘Doing Good’ agenda for the future.