The Ten Commandments of Book Marketing

ABOUT Vikram Narayan

Vikram Narayan
Vikram is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. BookBuzzr has helped over 10,000 authors with Facebook widgets, Amazon sales rank trackers and automated tweeting tools.


This short book is a flip book version of a series of blog posts that we ran on the BookBuzzr blog. 

You can get such a flip book for your book at


Some years ago, we wrote a blog series titled ‘The Seven Book Marketing Mistakes that Authors Make‘. Since then, thousands of other authors have joined the BookBuzzr community and we've had a rich opportunity to learn from the experiences of these authors. Based on what we've learned we've created a free eBook titled - 'The Ten Commandments of Book Marketing'.

"The BookBuzzr widget is an innovative tool that can add a little spark to your website, blog, email signature or Facebook fan page. It gives instant access to as much of your book as you wish - a tantalizing snippet, whole sections, or the book in its entirety. The widget is similar to the 'look inside' gadget on Amazon except with the BookBuzzr widget you have the control. I've found it a really clever and effective way of reaching out to my readers. Top this off with a fast, helpful and ingenious support team, and how could I do anything but recommend?" 
- Emma Ennis
Author of 'Red Wine and Words'