Desire 2 Will

ABOUT Dinesh Kumar

dinesh kumar
Born in 1960 at New Delhi, India. Right from his early age he started practicing various gospel of Ancient Indian Wisdom (the knowledge drawn by the experiences of great seers).



A human is the creator of its own Destiny, How? Can we cherish our deepest yearnings? We may preserve a pile of desires but would they all fructify? True will shall force destiny alter. How? How to transform a deepest desire into a True Will? Is your Brain a common market? How to install a Jammer within your own mind? This e book contains the knowledge of ancient wisdom brought by a Trainer who has trained and motivated more than 500,000 minds, directly...

This E book reveals the answers to the above questions... The knowledge comes to you from a Teacher/trainer of Ancient Wisdom; the one who has directly trained and motivated more than 500,000 minds...

One can become and achieve whatever one shall aspire in ones life through the formidable force of 'true will'. Generally, most of us flounder in darkness, like ships without rudders or rudders without any navigational inputs; We further in our lives as pushed and forced by various allurements... it is with very few that they pursue the right field and gain success whereas with most the wild winds retain the discretion of direction in their lives. One becomes exhausted to various ambitions and desires in ones life...

But with awakening of the force; 'true will' one can behold the exclusive prerogative of choosing the direction and manner of ones life... not only that... with the drive and help of this force; 'true will' one can even defy ones destiny and earn the most sought dreams come true.

'True will is an indelible impression on the subconscious mind that can program the entire conduct of a person. The sun emanates its sunlight upon earth and yet nothing burns but if we are able to concentrate a mere one square inch of its sunlight through a magnifying glass it can burn and boil... similarly the phenomenal force embedded within each one of us lies as scattered... that force bears no brain- generally it follows our mind & at rare occasions it complies to the call of our soul... mind has tendency to run after 100 subjects at one time hence the force too allocates itself to 100 portions... there's an art that can make this force gather at one point.... & that's the journey of desire2will.

It is as an observed fact that 'intellectual resolves' seldom fructify because they are not planted at the depths of ones existence whereas those resolved that are transformed into a 'true will' become a reality awaiting its manifestation. Transformation of a desire into 'true will' is a technique that enables one to weed away undesirable within- all that what hampers the enablement to realize ones deepest yearnings.

Remember the saying of one of the greatest Indian seer; There is no sage who bore no past and there is no sinner who bears no future. Our interpretation to this saying goes that there exists on this planet no human being who cannot transform his entire personality and there stands no shortfall that cannot be overcome through the power of 'true will'... Besides utilizing the power of ones mind 'true will' also invokes the wisdom of ones soul.

With the force of 'true will' one can eliminate, overcome and enhance any negative tendency, shortfall and deficiency.The force of 'true will' acts at mental, emotional and spiritual level, rightly utilized you can give your life the direction of your deep interests, you can gather all power within to arouse your latent potential and achieve the most sought objective.

'Indian Ethos' is full of eternal gospels; they come to us in form of an endowment from our ancestors that were 'seers'. They were able to develop an insight that could unravel truths that exceed limits of 'time'. They could observe solutions for all facets of creation, of which a human is one. This book comprises references of relevant gospels mentions with an easy manner. The book though intends to target young minds but whereas its contents cross the segmentation of age.