A Moment With God: A Teen Devotional

ABOUT Kenny Bowyer

Kenny Bowyer
With a teaching and writing style all his own, Pastor Kenny Bowyer loves to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ any way he can. Although he loves writing, his first passion is reaching the teens in his community of Chouteau, OK - a small town 45 minutes east of Tulsa.  Kenny has been the Yo More...


Teens today live in a "now" world. They are busier than ever, and always on the go. However, no matter how busy they get, sometimes it's better to just slow down, and have a "Moment With God".

"A Moment With God..." was written by a Youth Pastor, who has been in the same shoes as teens, and even though he's a Youth Pastor, he still struggles and fights the same problems and temptations as everyone else does.

“In the world that we are living in today it is easy to get sidetracked and let some things fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, one of the things we seem to neglect is the attention we should give to not only talking with our Heavenly Father but allowing ourselves to be silent and hear back from him as well. Author Kenny Bowyer has made that a little easier with his new book A MOMENT WITH GOD.

Though the title suggest that this is a book just for teens I found it to be just the thing for people of all ages who want to rely on something larger than themselves as they face the day and look for ways to make the most of their lives. Bowyer has used his own experiences and lessons to craft a book that is sure to reach the reader wherever they might be, inspiring them to live life with purpose and make the most of every opportunity.

Everything from the scriptures he expounds upon to the way it is presented shows you that A MOMENT WITH GOD was written out of love and appreciation for the importance of a relationship with God. Bowyer has found that for himself, and he wants to do his part through this book to let others know the same is possible for them.

No matter who we might be or where we find ourselves today, there is something in this book that will benefit us if you allow it to. All you have to do is slow down long enough to realize that all of us who are believers need to take out time and have a moment with God.” Cyruss Webb (Author, Radio Host)

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