Successful Habits: Life is a Journey (Lessons of Life) (Volume 2)

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I am a 1st time publisher – w/2 books out at the same time.  The other book is called `Successful Habits`.  I wrote these books because I felt I had something to share. I figured that if you have learned anything at all in almost ¾ of a century of living – you should share it.  Af More...



This little handbook that tells all - is a life-changer, in easy to follow steps. And, you will even be smiling along the way in this journey of life. Though it is a very serious subject – changing one’s path of life – this book is proof that you do not have to wade through someone else’s life’s stories – to change your own. Nor, do you have to apply these principles with dogged seriousness and somberness. No – this book will take you on an excursion of life that is easy, fun, and enormously rewarding. Most pages have pictures or renderings to bring home the principle for that particular page or session. It states unequivocally that there are no new ideas. It expresses appreciation of `The Law of Attraction`, and `The Secret` - but emphasizes that these are not `new` ideas. Nor are they `secret’. The `proper application’ of ancient principles is what this book is about. Everything written and studied revolves around this simple statement, which we are all familiar with: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: But, you see, it is `how` you ask that makes all the difference. So, this little handbook takes that statement – actually it is a promise- and joins up with modern science to teach easy to follow - and easy to implement - steps. It presents a simple, down to earth method of applying these principles, with traces of humor thrown in. This is a concise, easy to follow, life changer. You will love it!

I wrote this book after being dismayed about all the publicity about `The Secret` and various renditions of the Law of Attraction. While completely valid, all the hype was that somehow someone had `discovered` the secrets of life – and for a paltry $99 - $???? They would share these marvelous secrets with you. The promise was that it would change your life. The truth is – as I see it – that the ` secret ` is really no secret at all. The most ancient writings tell of it – as well as the Bible. Actually the Bible is full of these `secrets’. You can pick up a Bible for far less than one of these courses will cost! So, being dismayed at the proliferation of these `clandestine revelations’, I vowed to bring to the surface that what was lacking in our society was not some `covert source’ of information, but rather the application of these principles. So, this little handbook was born. It goes into the actual application of these beliefs, or laws, and does it with humor and wit. Each page has a saying, or representation of some type, to make the point in that chapter. And rather than relying on these purported `secrets` - it actually ties the principles to one of the newest branches of science – Quantum Physics. Isn’t that interesting? You will find that it is a fun read – and a very insightful step-buy-step guide for the person who really truly wants to live a fuller life. There is no hype about becoming a multi-millionaire in the next 90 minutes, but it does provide a program – which can (and should) change your life for the better – in very short order. Realistically, you will love it – and what it can do for you!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book!, September 18, 2013


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This review is from: Successful Habits: Life is a Journey (Lessons of Life) (Volume 2) (Paperback)

This is a very well written book with some great ideas in it. This book does a good job of summing many things up and it eventually boils down to win/win for everyone if it could be enacted in the real world. This is a very important book.


His whole philosophy is based on principles and personal character.


There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to success. Happiness is an "inside" out process instead of "outside" in. We can choose "how" to respond to negative stimuli, we are not slaves to our past experiences. And that "we are responsible for our own lives."


Anyone wanting to change their life for the better, I highly recommend this book. Excellent writer, easy to understand. I have read this book many times and I find always something new to learn. Motivating!


This book is worth any person's investment who wants to change their lives for the better. Thank you Ron Millicent!!!!


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