ABOUT Simon Owoade

Simon Owoade
Simon is the Author of the inspiring and motivational book, “Be Inspired. You Can Fulfil Your Dream” a book that encourages you to rise above your challenges in order to achieve your set goals.  As a Motivational Speaker, Simon has spoken at many events organised by the Hillingdon Rac More...



Be Inspired! You Can Fulfil your Dream! is a compelling book that challenges you to aspire to achieve higher goals in life. For every person that walks upon the face of the earth, disappointment, failure and misfortune may often be inevitable. However, how you react to unpleasant circumstances in life could play a major role in determining your destiny. This book radically challenges the belief that once a person has had a troubled childhood, faced abuse or failed before, then the course of their life has been set out for them. Taking extracts from real life stories of individuals who themselves experienced an unpleasant past, the author gives a glimpse of what it is like to face abuse, and experience a troubled childhood resulting in emotional damage. From the horrendous experience of physical abuse suffered by a girl of five at the hands of her parents, to the appalling sexual abuse suffered by a teenager whilst in Her Majesty's Royal Navy. Some have faced imprisonment. Others have ventured down the dark alley that inevitably leads to self-destruction and despair. From the pressure of trying to please others, to facing the fear of failure, this book examines many of the experiences that people face in life. These experiences could naturally lead to living a life of mediocrity and low self-esteem, ending in utter hopelessness and failure! Yet, many have survived and come through victorious. Through this engaging and compelling book, the author presents for all to see, the possibility of redemption and transformation, triumph and achievement through Love, Forgiveness, Belief in self and Faith. This inspiring and empowering book will encourage you to make the right choices and like many others, rise above your present circumstances and limitations in order to achieve your goals. . . because You CAN!