Cuff Links and Hair Pins


By Marianna Albert

Publisher : createspace/amazon

ABOUT Marianna Albert

Marianna Albert
Marianna Albert has a B.S. in Behavioral Science and a M.S. in Education from Mercy College. She worked as a special education teacher for five years and lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York with her husband and four children. Cuff Links and Hair Pins is her first novel. You can visit her at h More...



There are a few things twenty-one year old Charlotte Romeo was sure she’d never do: She’d never have a one-night stand; never get pregnant before she was married; and never bury a loved one unexpectedly. Now Charlotte Romeo’s longtime boyfriend jars her perfect world by leaving her. Her best friend persuades her to have a one-night stand. A few weeks later she gets food poisoning that she can’t seem to get rid of. A trip to the doctors confirms she’s pregnant. She searches and finds her mysterious one-night stand, with the help of her two sisters and best friend. When Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend comes barreling back into her life as unexpectedly as he left, her mysterious man vanishes. Just as everything seems to be settling in, Charlotte gets an unexpected visitor that will change her life forever. She will soon discover that her unexpected visitor has many secrets that will lead Charlotte on a path to either help him or leave him. In the next thirty-six weeks, Charlotte will learn how to love, learn what family really means and mourn a death that a twenty-one year old shouldn’t have to deal with.