Fundamentals of Success: 6 Components of Capital

ABOUT Taher Topiwala

Taher Topiwala
With Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Organisational Psychology and a keen passion for business and fondness of mother nature, Taher Topiwala has intensively studied Honeybees for over a year with much fascination. With his 3-year experience in training and development of you More...



In this book, you are going to learn the Fundamental Concepts about business development and the key must-have factors that you need to grow yourself and your personal business. Adapted from Honeybee research studies and coupled with psychological concepts, each component is targeted towards helping you achieve success.


This book is written with this fundamental concept in mind, "How do you expect your business to grow if you do not grow yourself?" The Fundamentals of Success book elaborates on the Six Components of Capital, traits that an individual who is determined to achieve success, must have within them. Supporting these components are reflections from Honeybee studies and what we can learn from them about business development. To add more value to what is written, psychological concepts have also been incorporated into all six components to provide maximum learning capability.


Concepts explained in this book are easy to understand and immediately applicable for those who wish to gain success quickly.