Keep Her (Keeper Series, #2)


By Robyn Roze

Publisher : Robyn Roze

ABOUT Robyn Roze

Robyn Roze
Robyn Roze lives among the cornfields of the Midwest and telecommutes as an accountant. Writing was her childhood dream. She won creative writing awards as a girl and teachers encouraged her to pursue a writing career. But pragmatism won out, and she boxed the dream away on the maybe-somed More...


The kinder, gentler Nick has made a comeback. The drinking has stopped. The rough play is over. Nick’s giving Olivia space. He’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her, but it’s not going as planned. Olivia is now more emboldened than ever after a trip to Cancun that kicks open a door to the darkness inside her and forever unmasks Nick.

All the while, Jake is growing increasingly frustrated with Olivia’s secretiveness and pushes for more than she’s willing or able to give. He says he wants everything…even what she’s worked so hard to forget. Having been kept isolated for a decade, Olivia hasn’t developed the skills to reconcile her past with the demands of the present, and confrontations arise as she struggles to keep her past safely locked away and her two worlds from colliding. She knows what she wants, but will she claim it before it’s too late?

Olivia has a decision to make unless someone else makes it for her. If that happens, there will be a price to pay…the new Olivia will make certain of it.

(Adult material intended for readers ages 18+)