Champions in the Wilderness: Fifty-two Devotions to Guide and Strengthen Emerging Overcomers

Religion & Spirituality

By Bob Santos

Publisher : SfMe Media

ABOUT Bob Santos

Bob Santos
Bob Santos burns with a passion to help form and equip a generation of world changers for Christ. Having graduated fromĀ  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 1982 with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, Bob went on to spend 15+ years working as an analytical Chemist. Longi More...


Have you ever felt as though you were navigating desolate spiritual territory? Do you find yourself parched, wondering why your spiritual life seems so dry? You are not alone! The reasons we enter a spiritual wilderness may be many, but one thing is certain, our heavenly Father wants us all to emerge as flourishing champions of the Christian faith. What is it that marks the difference between a resounding victory in the wilderness and a total disaster? It all comes down to understanding the nature of our journey and responding in a manner that honors God. The fifty-two devotional readings of this book will both challenge and inspire you to grow in God s grace and to break free from unhealthy mindsets that bind you in subpar spiritual existence. Why are you waiting? There is no better time to begin than right now!

Winner of the 2013 Bronze Illumination Award in the Devotional Category.

In my pursuit of God I've gone through times of intense difficulty, sometimes wondering if perhaps God hadn't abandoned me somewhere along the way. Through the process I discovered that He was right there all of the time and that it was my perspective that needed to change. Champions in the Wilderness is the culmination of God's truth as processed through my own day to day challenges.