ABOUT David Sterne

David Sterne
I am a graduate of U of Califronia with a degree and biology and of Long Island University with a masters in education.  I have always wanted to be a writer and I found myself drawn to spiritual topics.  I spent years studying Judaism in the US as well as Israel, and I found a niche tran More...


This book contains snippets from the Chasidic master and Rebbe, the Shem MiShmuel (R' Shmuel Borenstein ztz'l).  He was a grandson of the famous Kotzker Rav, and he lived from 1856 to 1926.  His Torah is full of deep insight, and provides well thought out answers to relevant questions that occur as we learn the written Torah.  "Inner LIghts from Jerusalem" weaves translations of excerpts from Shem MiShmuel, together with insights from the Lubavitcher Rebbe and experiences from the life of the author.  This is an authentic example of deep insight presented in a very approachable manner.  With its Chasidic and kaballistic novella, it makes an idealistic companion for the Shabbat table.  285 pages long