Move Pain Out of Your Body: The Holistic Approach to Backache Relief and Back Exercise

Move Pain Out of Your Body:  The Holistic Approach to Backache Relief and Back Exercise

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Anne Asher



This book takes a holistic approach to back exercise and core strengthing. The first part helps you build a foundation of techniques that may aid in establishing alignment, relieving muscle tension, and activating the highly supportive abdominal muscles.
You can use this holistic foundation as a standalone relaxation or pain relief session.

But the book goes much further than that. You'll learn how to apply the Holistic Foundation to a generic back exercise program. Weaving in these specialize holistic techniques will likely transform the hackneyed, hum-drum basic exercises you see over and over again in books, magazines and on the web - into a unique healing and body empowering experience.  You'll learn how moving with good body alignment may vastly (and quickly) improve your flexibility and functionality.

The book contains lots of informative pictures and the language is conversational. Though the material is in some parts challenging, it can be easy, and even fun, to master the techniques set forth in this book.


I've spent the better part of my personal and professional life dealing with posture and pain issues. When I was younger, it seemed that everytime I tried a workout, sport or dance class, it would result in several weeks, and often, months of painful dysfunction that kept me out of the game. Because of this, I never really got to develop my body nor participate in community based sports and dance. Until, that is, I began my healing journey. This oddessy gave me the opportunity to learn how my body is designed to move, how to release unnecessary muscle tension, and how to apply specific techniques for moving through pain. This unique discovery was forever life changing and it inspired me to teach others. Since that time, I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of people struggling with pain. The Body Education I gave them helped most to exceed their own expectations for pain relief and improved physical functioning.