Kingdom Style of Writing

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By Kimberly Jackson

Publisher : Kingdom Sound Publishers

Kingdom Style of Writing

ABOUT Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson
Kimberly Jackson is a kingdom inspirational Christian author, and teacher known for her prophetic voice, timely, raw, and straight to the point messages. Such writings are visible in her creative works of poetry, devotionals, prophetic and inspirational books.

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Has God given you a “divinely inspired” word and commissioned you to put it in book form? Do you need guidance in bringing it into fruition? This informative guide is designed to equip aspiring writers with the essential tools for writing and preparing their manuscript for publishing. It will help them to understand what God is looking for in a manuscript and explores practical guidelines for kingdom style of writing.

This book discusses:

• The Great Commission as it relates to writing
• The Holy Spirit’s role in writing
• What the third dimension is
• The importance of journaling
• How to posture yourself to hear from God
• Biblical greats who wrote by the finger of God
• Preparing your manuscript for publishing