Always Not Forever

ABOUT Carole Bell

Carole Bell
Born in Sri Lanka, educated in Australia and Great Britain. Started my working life as a singer, dancer and actress, and finished my working life as a Lecturer in Psychology. Have written 2 novels and 1 volume of a Scifi anthology, as well as several film scripts. One film script was turn More...



Regan Laine is a beautiful, self-made billionaire. Josh Jackson is handsome and the most famous singer on the planet. After a whirlwind romance, they fall in love and marry. Her love comes pre-packaged with planes and boats, with homes all over the world, and her own piece of paradise; an island in the Caribbean. His love comes pre-packaged with a history of sex, some drugs, and a lot of rocking and rolling! Josh loves Regan, but the excesses of his life are impossible to give up, and the orgies continue, where he is constantly searching for variations on his sexual themes. Regan catches him in the act, several times, but her love for him is so great, she always forgives him. In his constant search for that illusive butterfly of ultimate happiness, Josh goes from soft drugs to hard drugs, with deathly consequences.