Desert Dreams

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Deborah Cox
Deborah Cox has seldon been without a writing pad and a pencil or pen in hand. From the time she knew what words were she has wanted to be a writer. Torn between her two loves, Literature and History, she opted for the former and earned a degree in English Lit. She lives in New Orleans wit More...



Western Historical Romance set in Civil War Texas

When a riverboat gambler's daughter is rescued from unsavory gunfighters by a strong, handsome stranger, she never suspects the true reason for his heroics. Anne Cameron wants nothing more than to start over, to have a real home for the first time in her life. She makes the long, dangerous trip from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Ubiquitous, Texas, only to find that yet again her dream has eluded her. Alone in a savage land, Anne soon realizes her only hope for the life she wants is a cache of Confederate gold hidden somewhere in Mexico, and the only man who can save her is the last man she should trust.

A renowned gunfighter, Rafe Montalvo lost everything in a devastating act of violence. For five years, he has roamed the West, a bounty hunter bent on revenge. Just when his goal is finally within reach, he is saddled with a spitfire woman who revives a part of him he'd thought long dead. And though he feels himself more and more drawn to her, he believes he can never be worthy of her love.

Will they have to forfeit their desires to turn the nightmares of the past into sweet desert dreams?

"...a powerfully wrought hero, a valiant heroine and an action-packed plot... absorbing characters... captures the triumph of love over sadness." ROMANTIC TIMES 4 1/2 STARS

"...a dynamite adventure with an ending too good to miss." RENDEZVOUS MAGAZINE REVIEWS

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