Spiritual photosynthesis: The dynamics of biblical meditation as the master key to total prosperity

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Publisher : Self-published


Rev. Jerry Kofi Tutu is a TV Evangelist and the host of the Christian television program, “Amazing Grace” that broadcasts in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut in the U.S.A. He is an anointed bible teacher with deep revelation insight, whose ministry has blessed thousands of people  More...



We live in a universe of laws, which comprises spiritual and natural laws governed by a system of order. Spiritual law represents the fundamental patterns of nature that God has set in motion to govern the universe. To every spiritual law, there is a natural expression; and to every natural law, there is a spiritual counterpart. They are parallel to each other, and as human beings, we live in the parallel worlds of both. Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke many parables to illustrate spiritual laws by employing physical attributes and elements. In one of those parables, He likened the Word of God to a seed, and the hearts of men to the ground or soil where the seed is planted. Jesus used this parable to explain spiritual photosynthesis, which has a natural expression, whereby planted seeds use water and energy from sunlight to manufacture their food. Photosynthesis is very important to the survival of all living organisms. Without it, there would be no life on planet earth. So, if the Word of God is the seed, and the human heart is the soil, what make up the water and the light, which the seed needs in order for spiritual photosynthesis to take place?