1001 Questions to Ask Before Having a Baby

ABOUT Monica Leahy

Monica Leahy
Monica Mendez Leahy has been helping couples prepare for marriage for over twenty years, and  has married over 100 couples as a  Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages for the County of Los Angeles.  She hosts  a popular series of couples' workshops in the Los Angeles, area and provide More...



Packed with fun and informative questions covering pregnancy through pre-school and beyond, 1001 Question to Ask Before Having a Baby, by best-selling author Monica Mendez Leahy, puts down the pacifier and tackles the concerns at the top of most parents’ minds, including:

  • How will a baby change your relationship with your partner?
  • How much does it cost to care for a child?
  • What type of disciplinarian will you be?

These and other thought-provoking inquiries in the book provide foresight to sticky situations and insight on how you can best handle these kiddie conundrums. You'll be transformed into a person who takes on parenthood with confidence instead of confusion.