All's Well Here (Life's Outtakes Year 2) 52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories

ABOUT Daris Howard

Daris Howard
    Daris Howard, an award winning author and playwright, grew up on an Idaho farm.  He was a state champion athlete, competed in college athletics, and lived for a time in New York.   
    He has worked as a cowboy, a mechanic, in farming, and in the timber industry.  He i More...


52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories
52 humorous and inspirational short stories, one for each week of the year. These stories are taken from the popular column, "Life's Outtakes". From the "All's Well", a story of a community pulling together to help a family in need, to the humor of a practical joke gone awry in "The April Fool's Joke" these stories will keep you laughing or help you think more deeply about what matters most. The story list is:

  1. The Ten Speed Bike
  2. Teaching Children How To Work
  3. The New Football Coach
  4. Trains, Schedules, and Luggage
  5. Airline Security
  6. Children And Water Bottles
  7. All's Well Here
  8. The Halloween Carnival
  9. Ordering Food In Peru
  10. The World's Most Persistent Salesperson
  11. Ice-Cream Bars And Latin Princesses
  12. A Belated Thank You
  13. Never Ask What Else Can Go Wrong
  14. Black Friday And Other Misnomers
  15. Wrapping Christmas Presents
  16. Our Second Little Christmas Angel
  17. Credit Cards
  18. Dieting
  19. Two Contrasting Funerals
  20. Going To An Amusement Park
  21. A Case Of Wishfully Mistaken Identity
  22. A Husband's Cake Recipe
  23. Moose And Dogs
  24. Valentine's Day Dance
  25. Winter Camping
  26. "If" Is A Mighty Big Word
  27. A Pile Of Snow
  28. The Same As My Daughter
  29. Out of The Mouth Of Children
  30. The April Fools Joke
  31. Weather Or Not
  32. Clueless
  33. Brownies With Mint Chocolate Frosting
  34. Tennis Championship
  35. A Perfect Stranger
  36. Seed Catalog Time
  37. The Field Trip
  38. Our Life Is Not Really Our Own
  39. The Science Fair Project
  40. Relative Differences
  41. Father's Day Mistaken Identity
  42. Dandelions
  43. Bartering For Better Butter (What A Person Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Them)
  44. No Hypocrisy In Protest
  45. Fireworks At Scout Camp
  46. Sometimes We All Just Fall Flat
  47. The Assignment No One Wants
  48. Where Happiness Is Found
  49. Nothing Is Quite What It Seems
  50. Family Reunion Calamity
  51. Siphon Tubes And Hyperventilation
  52. The Worst Part About Being A Parent