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Despite being known as an industrial city, Stuttgart is a green city with many residents embracing a healthy lifestyle of outdoor living, exercise and environmentally and animal-friendly cuisine. Due to an ever-expanding expat and immigrant population, food from all over the world can be found here and one is definitely not limited to the traditional Swabian fare of meat and starch. Veganism is becoming ever more mainstream, with more and more vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and shops popping up all over the city.

The Vegan City Guide to Stuttgart contains dozens of detailed reviews of vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, shops, events and markets in Stuttgart, along with general and vegan resources for Stuttgart, vegan activities and groups, some common translations, a few recipes with photos and a link to an online map showing the locations of every establishment listed in the guide.

The e-book features speedy search capabilities that lets you shoot back to the Table of Contents from every chapter heading and jump easily to the websites of listed establishments by clicking on the embedded links. A handy geographical index lets you search establishments by the neighborhoods that they're in.

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