ABOUT Kathryn Fox

Kathryn Fox
42 year old, divorced mother of two from Sheffield, England.



My book tells my true story of how post-traumatic stress disorder affected my now ex, a British soldier serving in Afghanistan and ultimately the trauma it then inflicted on myself and two children. It tells of a fairy tale romance and how the horror of what he experienced tore our family apart and the subsequent secondary effects PTSD has on the loved ones. It's an emotional, true, heart-rending story that gives behind-the-scenes experiences that the public do not hear about. It does not cover things up by only talking about success stories. Post-traumatic stress disorder has been a concern within the military for many many years and evidenced from the first world war. But yet a wall of silence still exists around it for fear of appearing weak. Awareness needs to be promoted and my book perfectly highlights the traps, pitfalls and heartache of a family going through this with no support from the military or those who could help. The emphasis on the book being to help anyone going through similar experiences to know they are not alone.