Al'lah and the Beginning of Creation

Religion & Spirituality

By Mohammad Amin Sheikho

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ABOUT Mohammad Amin Sheikho

Mohammad Amin Sheikho
Mohammad Amin Sheikho (1890-1964 A.D / 1308-1384 A.H) Early Years
M. Amin Sheikho was born in al-Ward district in Sarouja Quarter, one of the historical districts of Damascus, in Syria which was called mini-Istanbul during the period of the Ottoman rule. He was raised in an Arab sty More...


You will find in this book:
- The Godly justice and the equality
- The Cause of Coming to This World
- The Effect of Deeds in the Elevation of Spirit andIts Nearness to Its Creator
- The Effect of Yearning in Generating Deeds and Giving Them Their Values
- Offering the "Trust" and Undertaking of Man toBear It in "Al-Azal" World
- Who Are the Noble Angels?
- Animal, plants & solids
- Preference and Competition of Oblivious Peoplein "Al-Azal" World
- Fate