The Butterfly Curtain

ABOUT Audrey King

Audrey King
Audrey King started writing short stories and poetry as a hobby while raising four children and now that her children are grown, she has exchanged the apron for a life of writing romance while enjoying her growing family on the East Coast. When she's not working on sharpening her writing c More...


Museum curator, Gracie Adams has given up on entrusting a man with her heart and soul.

Dedicating her life to rebuilding the historical Nascongo Hill village and making it a top tourist attraction is the only thing that shelters her from disappointment and regret.

When a freak wind storm hits the old town revealing a foundation, Gracie finds a sacred African medallion that sends her back in time to 1836 when the village was a thriving community.

Gracie's mysterious arrival and independent attitude doesn't comply with the other villager's and the man that oversees the town, Reed Ferguson, must befriend her to find out who she really is and why she ended up in his village. But Reed wasn't counting on falling in love with her.