ACTIVE INFINITY: Going beyond violence

ABOUT Anthea Van Der Pluym

Anthea Van Der Pluym
I'm an author, public speaker and musician.  I live in picturesque Hermanus in the Western Cape,  South Africa.  



Book by Pluym, Anthea van der

Active Infinity is a story of healing, of recovery and of mindfulness, and is a means to turn negative realities around until lfie is once more positive, peaceful and content Anthea Van der Pluym faced a number of violent crimes in South Africa, including the murder of her father in a farm attack, the rape of family and she herself was caught up in mass riot and stoned. She lived to tell the tale and talks through the emotion of her own continued despair and pain that caused her to try and take her own life after these events. Instead of death, she found life and spiritual awakening to the beauty of a greater reality - her infinite capacity to heal and overcome and to be all that she was ultimately born to be. This book is a MUST READ for victims of will bring hope and healing to many!