York Bound Enterprise presents: All Or Nothing

York Bound Enterprise presents: All Or Nothing

ABOUT Kareem Abdul Rahman

kareem abdul rahman
Jay-r is the king of Philly's crack game. After constantly being harassed by┬áhis kids mother about the life he lives he decides to retire from the game. He puts his money and energy into the rap group he manages. Him and his rap group make music a full-time job. The music takes off quickl More...



Alaina was running from a life of boredom. Vick was running from all of the gangsters in the city he owed money to. Sakeena was running from the police and courts. They were all running from different things, but they all had one thing in common. They needed to get the hell out of Philly!

Alaina was stuck in a dead end job that was going nowhere. She was in a relationship that was going nowhere. She felt as if her whole life was going nowhere. She wanted more out of life, but she'd always been too scared to leave the comfort and security of Philly and go somewhere else to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Alaina learns that you have to take chances if you want to have anything worth having and nothing is easy.

Vic schemed and hustled everyone in Philly for years. His scheming ways have finally caught up with him and he has to get out of Philly or risk losing his life in the streets. The change of scenery is good for Vic and he finally gets a chance to have the thing he's always wanted but could never have when he was in Philly. When he gets it he doesn't appreciate it and lets it get away from him in search of something he thinks is better.

Sakeena never worked an honest legal job a day in her life. She was a natural hustler and she was out to get money by any means, including selling her body. Philly has become too hot for her and she's grateful for the opportunity to get out of town. Sakeena does the same things in New York that she used to do when she was in Philly, but New York is way bigger than Philly and is a whole different kind of beast. She promises herself that she will get money or either die trying.

What should have been a simple convenient living arrangement for the three in a new city turned into chaos, jealousy, and and madness when the friendships turned into a vicious love triangle. The three friends did things that they thought they would never do and everybody's true colors start to show. The three get caught up in the world of reality tv, porn, drugs, and the night club scene. The big city threatens to take them lower than they've ever been. Will the friends be able to hang in the big city or be eaten alive by the big apple?