Sure Success: Bringing Dreams to Life

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Gregory Linton

Publisher : Gregory Linton

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Gregory Linton



Most of the time people search all over the world for ways to become successful, not understanding that it comes from an obvious place that makes it Sure.
This book contains the recipe for experiencing real joy and satisfaction. It is time for your expectations to be met: Manifesting your passions; living your dreams. Arguably the most compelling and 'self-driven' book you will ever read; full of potential to bring the results you have been searching for.

Success is desired by all, yet most can't find it. Success itself, can be a long and hard journey, so being on the right path is very critical to reaching it. The perception of success is that it's the 'end result' of a set of goals, but please consider why success is desired in the first place. So it can't just be based on the end result; moving from one place to the other. It is not an empty place of fulfilled goals. Success is not like the result of a deliciously baked bread or cake, if it is done for the purpose of being displayed only. But it is like a good reason behind baking that delicious bread or cake. E.g. for someone who is hungry. So why have success without a fulfilled heart behind it? Why bake bread or cake for those who are not hungry? Success should be the fulfilling feeling we experience when we get to where we wanted to go or the things we wanted to do. It's not just the results, but the experience of the person to whom the result; the success belongs to also. So, reaching goals without a inner sense of fulfilment or satisfaction for oneself is emptiness. Most also attach success to financial wealth -money. But find a process which brings you fulfilment and much income, and you'll be a successful individual. Because your income should come from fulfilling work, and not just work.

*I wish it becomes a best seller!

-P. Venson-Shaw


*Standing Ovation. Great eBook!

-O. Mitchell


*Very engaging! Hard to put down after started reading. Ignited me! Awoke go get my dream (good). Held my attention from start to finish. Attention Grabber –from the get go. Author: knowledgeable & experience. Crystal clear. Will help others be a sure success.

 -F. Reid-Black


*Your eBook caused me to start thinking and...made me want to re-discover my talent...really enjoyed reading. (Update) I have re-discovered my talent; the experience of exercising it is amazing! I feel like I am really living now.

-C. Ellis


*RATED: 9 out of 10...actually make someone think (where am I going in life?);'s a good the point (effective).

 -N. Cooper-Green


*Sure success! Bringing dreams to life...Love it! Clear, cut throat, to the point -identified with it. The passion you wrote with gave me Passion! Excitement! I like it: My passion not theirs!  It spoon fed me; tells me what to do to get grit, etc.! Thumbs up! ...This is encouraging! I ...believe ...if I do all these and practice ...I can do it (get the results that I want for my life)! Great job I am sold!

-A. Campbell-Blake