Sphinx United (The Sphinx Warriors Series - Book 2)

ABOUT Christine Murphy

Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy is a romance writer focusing on the paranormal romance arena. She is an active member of the Romance Writer's of America (RWA). She is the creator of The Sphinx Warriors Series, The Midnight Riders Series, and The Wild Clan Sagas. Traveling throughout the United States an More...



Book Main Description:
Trained from birth to protect the Sphinx Warriors, Eleina sacrifices herself to save the Warriors and her one true love, Jacob, by destroying a Dimensional Gate. Believing Eleina has died in the process, Jacob is left a broken man and he submerges himself in his duties as a Warrior until an accident reveals Eleina is still trapped in the Gate. Once free of her entrapment, she is alive but her body and mind is damaged. Jacob will do everything in his power to help her and the only thing keeping her sane is the irresistible draw and attraction to a Warrior she can’t even remember.

Jacob wants nothing more in life but to have Eleina back as his. As much as he wants her, doubts plague his mind if she will ever be his again. Revealing to her that he believes he sent her to her death long ago, the fact his unusual Power could harm her, and the secrets she herself keeps could come between them. With time running out and the entire Complex threatened, Eleina realizes she has come full circle and will have to destroy the Gates again but knows she won’t survive. Jacob, however, is gifted with the fourth page of seven which reveals he can save her if she will let him.

United as one is the only way they can triumph. Eleina and Jacob must learn to face their fears and memories of the past or be torn apart forever in the present. Defying both everyone and themselves to become Power Mates will make them undefeatable. They will save the future of the Sphinx Warriors and the battle against the evil of the Wraith will continue.

Reader Alert! Jacob and Eleina were meant to be Power Mates, be it past or future, and must Join in order to save each other. Through death and life the fates will bring them together in a climax that will turn water to steam. Who would have thought foreplay and consummation in water settings could steam up the pages so well? Natural pools, waterfalls, and a specially designed whirlpool will be the backdrop for scenes of bare, wet skin and slippery entanglement of hot bodies. Enjoy!

To My Readers: Come re-enter into the domain of the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, passion, and love, giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior. The tantalizing second book in the Sphinx Warrior Series developed easily on the tail of Sphinx Remembered with a quick peak of Eleina being recovered after her disappearance from Jacob’s life centuries ago. Naturally he was devastated when he thought she had perished in the past but never lost his love for her. No matter what happened through the ages, their dedication to each other never wavered even though they were forbidden to be Joined to each other. Please join me in the next chapter of the Warrior’s lives, Sphinx United, where Jacob has Eleina back in his life through a twist of fate and will do anything to keep her no matter what the odds. Without the ancient Egyptian rules to stand in their way, they will have to overcome their own fears and the obstacles keeping them apart, but in the end they will be victorious both in battle and in love. Be a part of their sensual adventures and delve into the world of the Sphinx Warrior.

About the Author:
Traveling throughout the United States and locations throughout the world, I finally found the perfect place to call home and settled down in a small town outside the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Looking out my back lanai, there is a small pond where the wild-life will gather and the flowers bloom in exotic pinks and purples. This is my place of peace and freedom that I have searched for and where my husband and crazy African Gray Parrot, Raider, hang out with me. It’s the place where my creativity runs wild as I spin tales of adventure and passion. I have been writing in my head since I was a teenager and I finally realized I needed to capture these unique characters, civilizations, conflict, passion, and love in writi