Free Falling into Your Higher Self

ABOUT Donya Ture

Donya Ture
I am an author excited about sharing ideas and concepts that are dynamic and are uplifting in some manner. I have a tendency with all that I write, to juxtapose images, eras or reality with imaginal content. I find it fulfilling to write content that is both fiction or non-fiction in natur More...


In this book, Donya challenges her readers to see their lives as novels, their own stories with pages and chapters that can be edited or even deleted. More importantly, however, your novel should be yours. Your story should be unique and not defined by anyone other than you. Free Falling into Your Higher Self shows you how society, family, and others have impacted you with their definitions of you. The book also teaches readers how to break through those definitions and live without boundaries. Free Falling into Your Higher Self is Book 1 of what is to be a four-part series into spirituality and the ever-increasing experiences one incurs during this epic voyage to the inner self.

Free Falling Into Your Higher Self was inspired by my personal experiences with changing my life, and my experiences in the field of social services. What I found when I interacted with clients is that so many defined themselves in such an impermeable fashion, that there was no longer a thought that change was possible. Contrary to my personal experiences, where I may have faced doubt or a lack of faith, I rarely defined myself in a concretized manner. I wrote this book to inform the reader that we cannot know ourselves. We can only observe patterns. Though this sounds daunting, it is actually an exquisite reality, because it means that we are infinite and incapable of being boxed in, therefore all possibilities for an exceptional life exist.