The Dead are Watching: Ghost Stories from a Reluctant Psychic

The Dead are Watching: Ghost Stories from a Reluctant Psychic

ABOUT Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson

Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson
Debra Robinson is an Appalachian author and professional musician. Three years in a haunted house at a young age started Debra on her quest to understand the paranormal.  Debra has signed song many contracts  and had one placed in a  Matthew McConaughey film trailer. Debra’s has nonf More...



Ghosts can transform an ordinary day into a mind-shattering nightmare. And when psychic Debra Robinson encounters paranormal entities, their painful lives and violent deaths often shock her to the very depths of her soul. In The Dead Are Watching, Debra Robinson shares true stories of appalling and bizarre manifestations that shed a horrible light on the darkest mysteries of the spirit realm.

A girl convicted of witchcraft in seventeenth century England stalks a young woman in her sleep. The Children of Death turn an Ohio nursing home into a ghastly playhouse. A dead woman’s screams echo in the eerie silence of a decrepit graveyard. These true encounters with the dead will terrorize your dreams long after the last page is turned.