A Journey Within: Becoming Better Mind Body And Spirit

ABOUT Dr.Yeremiyah Ben Yisrael MD(AM),Ph.D

Dr.Yeremiyah Ben Yisrael MD(AM),Ph.D
Dr. Yeremiyah Ben Yisrael M.D. (A.M.), Ph.D is a board-certified Naturopathic doctor specializing in the treatment of various chronic illness. He has earned his Naturopathic doctorate M.D. (A.M.) from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Internationally Recognized Legally Constituted More...


You are reading this now because you don’t want to be a passive bystander in your own life, so please don’t passively read this. You want to change and become a new you. Actually, you don’t need a new you. You need to uncover the old you that got buried under all the life experiences. You are still there. There are ways to uncover the layers of clutter that clogged your mind, body, and spirit. This book is divided into four sections: Part I Mind, Part II Body, Part III Spirit and Part IV the Whole of You. After each chapter, in each section, there will be lessons to do after each reading. Complete the exercises that are explained, take the time to actually work through them, think about them, contemplate them and incorporate them into your life. Do one at a time, once you’ve mastered one then move onto the next. The book is ordered in a very specific, methodical and well thought out plan. I challenge you as you read this to truly embrace the best parts of you and to strive each day to be a better version of yourself, the version you were intended to be. The fact that you’re already reading this means that you know more lies within you I encourage you to release your fears, regrets and disappointments and understand that the person you are meant to be, your most valuable self lies only a page away.