Sphinx Imagined (The Sphinx Warriors Series - Book 4)

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Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy is a romance writer focusing on the paranormal romance arena. She is an active member of the Romance Writer's of America (RWA). She is the creator of The Sphinx Warriors Series, The Midnight Riders Series, and The Wild Clan Sagas. Traveling throughout the United States an More...



Skye has led a life completely separated from others because of her telepathic skills she can’t control. One bright light in her life are the images of a dream man who invades her waking thoughts and dreams. Little does she know she is about to run head long into him when she becomes the target of an escaped Wraith bent on capturing her. Almost too late, Ethan finds Skye already in the clutches of the Wraith and he must risk his own life to save the breathtaking woman who captures his heart the moment he sees her. After Ethan is seriously injured, Skye realizes she can touch him and must nurse him back to health. Caring for him, Skye is drawn to Ethan at a level she can’t explain and even after learning the truth of the Sphinx Warriors, the Wraith, and the need for her specialized Seer abilities, Skye still wants to be with him more than anything. Recovered from his injuries, Ethan must bring Skye back to the Complex, where he is torn between his family’s need of her special telepathic talents, his desire to keep her safe from the touch of others, and his own craving to make her his Power Mate. Even though Skye is thrown into the chaos of the Sphinx lives, she amazes him with her dedication to help those he loves even when the cost to her could very well be her mind. In a last ditch effort to prevent Ethan’s and the Sphinx’s deaths, Skye throws herself into the midst of one of the most dangerous battles yet. Using her telepathic skills, she buys enough time for Ethan to save the Complex but not before she is wounded and her mind is shattered. His heart crushed, Ethan can only stand by and watch as the medical team must risk Transforming Skye in order to bring her back. Skye astounds them all as she transforms into an incredible Power Seer and shows Ethan how deeply she is connected to him as his Joined Power Mate. With Skye and Ethan’s unequaled love and Power, nothing is impossible in the future as the Sphinx Warriors continue to battle against the evil Wraith.

Reader Alert!:
Skye’s sensitive mind hasn’t allowed her to be touched by anyone in her life so just imagine when she realizes she can touch and be touched by Ethan. Touching every inch of Ethan is exactly what Skye desires both in and out of bed and what her experience lacks she makes up for in enthusiasm and curiosity. Skye’s innocent touch will drive Ethan over the edge and his own hands will explore every inch of the one woman meant for him. Surrounded by silver and black satin sheets, Ethan can’t get enough of touching, tasting, and stroking Skye as he uses his Sphinx enhanced purr to make her come undone over and over. Enjoy!!

To My Readers:
Come join me once again in the domain of the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, passion, and love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior. The next incredible fourth book in the Sphinx Warrior Series focuses on the need to recover the one woman who can see into the past, present, and future to complete the partial Fifth Page of Seven. Accompany Ethan who is on more than just a mission to track down an escaped Wraith and rescue Skye who is the target of the Power thirsty enemy. Ever since Ethan discovered Skye’s website of incredibly accurate depictions of the Sphinx lives and wrote to her in her social media, he and his inner Sphinx have been enchanted and hopelessly lost to the need to meet the actual woman who captured their fascination on so many levels. Please join me in the next chapter in the world of the Sphinx Warriors, Sphinx Imagined, where Ethan and Skye will make a powerful match in their love, their unique gifts, and the deadly skills needed in the fight against the invasion of the evil Wraith.

About the Author:
Traveling throughout the United States and locations throughout the world, I finally found the perfect place to call home and settled down in a small town outside the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Looking out my back lanai, there is