Divine Appointments: Unscheduled Journeys In Prophetic Deliverance

ABOUT Sandee Hemphill

Sandee Hemphill
Sandee Hemphill writes about the life she lives. She began her publishing career shortly after college, crafting how-to books for the business community. This was Sandee's introduction to publisher. 



Have you ever intersected with someone and the meeting was so special that it seemed like god was in it? If so, you've probably experienced a DIVINE APPOINTMENT. A Divine Appointment is a 'God-appointed meeting,' characterized by a lifestyle of waking in the Spirit. It is unplanned and often unexpected. A Divine Appointment is designed to position you to be a courier of our Father's grace. These strategic meetings are geared toward resolving a need in the life of the one encountered.

A Divine Appointment can address many issues in a person's life. It can be an immediate need, or the resolution of a long-standing issue -- either natural or spiritual. There may be issues of discouragement, disappointment, discontent, depression, unforgiveness or even a spiritual misunderstanding. Regardless of the need, God 'intersects' you with an individual to be a blessing in their life. The fruit of these connections may be salvation, forgiveness, healing, wholeness, deliverance, and more. The possibilities are endless!

The events of this book were always unpredictable; no advance notice was ever given. Quite often, the matter couldn't be discerned until after the results manifested! It soon became apparent these Divine Appointments came at the sole discretion of our heavenly Father. They could only be arranged -- and activated -- by the Holy Spirit.

As you read through these pages, you should easily recognize if you've had a Divine Appointment. The specifics will be difference but the overall scenarios should be similar. If you haven't yet had an encounter, this book will help heighten your spiritual senses so you'll be aware of it -- after the fact, of course. Either way, know that your heavenly Father is willing to entrust you with such a mission, and delight in the joy you can bring to another person's life.