THE WIND CHIMES OF LIFE (A Journey, The Journal, the Life Lessons 101, and The Word of GOD)

Religion & Spirituality

By Debra Mc Bride

Publisher : Xulon Press

ABOUT Debra Mc Bride

Debra Mc Bride
I enjoy early morning time with GOD; and watching as He amazingly transforms a starry night into a brand new day, already filled with new showers of blessings, mercies, possibilities and dreams.  I am blessed to be the Founder/CEO of DEE II Productions; and also serve as Program Dire More...



"The sound of the wind chime reflects the spirit of its source, the wind; and
it always plays in the present moment, never revealing the sounds of tomorrow. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, other times menacing, sometimes just silent: the tune of the chime depends on the mood of the wind blowing or not blowing, because wind chime and wind share the same atmosphere.
The union of the two is usually enchanting and soothing, but it can be a disturbing and annoying consequence of an agitated gust. The wind chime, as beautiful and appealing to the eye as it may be, is not complete; so it waits patiently for its connector, the wind, because it cannot move alone.It is lifeless in its own existence; it cannot reach its full potential by standing still."  

Joshua 1:9 “Yes, be bold and strong! Banish fear and doubt!           For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

And now, "The Wind Chimes of Life" begins! 


Why was TWCOL written? I can only say that The Wind Chimes of Life is a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit because I did not know that my diary, a.k.a. journal, was destined to be a book. I was in a difficult and transitional place in my life, (as were many others close to me), and as The Holy Spirit prompted me I wrote down on paper what was on my heart. It was an "emptying out" experience for me. All the emotions and feelings that I could not or did not express to anyone were poured out on paper. As I wrote I was very honest with my words and thoughts because I did not expect anyone to read them. Throughout my journaling, I kept seeking words of wisdom from God to help me navigate through the issues, moment in time experiences and emotions; and the soul searching of my conscious. Then, it happened! The Holy Spirit quietly revealed to me that what I had written was a book to be shared with others because I wrote about life; and everyone could relate to what was on the pages of my heart. I hesitated at first, but then through prayer became bold with faith. Once I made the commitment to follow-through, The Holy Spirit put everything in place for The Wind Chimes of Life (A Journey, the Journal, the Life Lessons 101 and The Word of God) to be born through me for encouragement and inspiration for you. Job 38:1 (TLB) “Then the LORD answered Job from the whirlwind.” Have you ever been betrayed, bullied or slandered? Yes, yes and yes; I have certainly had these experiences in my personal life! And, since this infamous trio, unfortunately, is intertwined in the fabric of this world's lack of kindness, I know that many of you have experienced the same. Betrayal, bullying and slandering are among the arsenal of tools that the enemy uses to try and destroy your self-esteem; discourage and frustrate you; and to control your existence. It hurts when you are ostracized and do not "fit in" with your peers; and feel left out when you are not considered to be a member of the "in crowd." It is only human nature to want to be liked and accepted. However, it is more important to not allow this assault of the enemy to hinder your walk with God. Although, bullying is no respecter of person, age, family nor stage or position in life; and betrayal, slander and gossip are collaborators, neither is too difficult for God to handle! God, sees, knows and cares! Deuteronomy 3:22 (NIV) "Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you."

One reader writes:
"What an awesome way to bring the world to the Word! Only the Word of God can "check and balance" the condition of one's heart and emotions.
God's inspired labor of love exemplified by the author has the ability to speak directly to the heart of life through prayers and expressive writings.
It meets the reader right where they are and provides the answer to their situation, whether it's rejection, betrayal, slander, bullying, hopelessness, loneliness, death of loved ones, thoughts of suicide, marriage issues, etc.; but most importantly it is a book that encourages a closer relationship with God! This writer proves "there is nothing new under the sun"  (Ecclesiastes 1:9); and then solidifies that truth with the Word of God in a very direct way!How pleased God must be with this witnessing tool!"
Elder J. Bradford, The Living Word Faith Center