My Secret Life: Confessions of a Housewife

ABOUT J.L. Sapphire

J.L. Sapphire
Joyce Thomas, writes under a pen name J.L. Sapphire and is a self published author who has written two novellas and is working on full length novel. Her passion for reading and writing began in middle school and it's how she enjoys spending her free time when not working at her outside job More...



From the outside looking in, Valerie Watson has it all: her loving husband of 20 years, Daryl, two beautiful kids, and she's a stay at home wife/mother. But while some may envy her, Valerie is tired of staying home everyday with nowhere to go and nothing to do other than cook, clean up after her husband, and spend the rest of the day watching reality tv. On her 40th birthday, her best friend Cynthia takes her out to a male strip club to celebrate. This experience changes Valerie's life, but not for the better after she becomes sexually involved with the strip club owner/pimp. Valerie's quest to add more excitement to her dull life takes her on several wild escapades but when she decides she's had enough of the fast life and wants out, she'll find that won't be as easy as she thinks.