The Poetic Art of Seduction -The Erotic Poetry Collection - Vol.1-3

Romance, Poetry

By Clarissa O. Clemens

Publisher : Pleasure Portal Press

ABOUT Clarissa O. Clemens

Clarissa O. Clemens
Being a lover of words and an even greater lover of the sensual world, it was inevitable for the two worlds to come together and erupt in a flood of erotic poetry. The Poetic Art of Seduction - The Erotic Poetry Collection is 3 volume's worth of my sex-soaked passion poetry that also inclu More...



A collection of all 3 volumes of Clarissa O. Clemens' erotic poetry book series, The Poetic Art of Seduction, under 1 cover!

An erotic gift of lyrical rhyme to keep on every bedroom nightstand for play. Kinky yet classy erotic poetry painting sexy pictures and scenes with seductive words to read to each other and get the mood soaked in seduction.

What critics have said about Clarissa's poetry:

"...A delicious dance with words..."
"Impossible not to be aroused..."
"...mouth-watering feast of erotic rhyme..."
"...her words ebb and flow with a superb sensuousness."
"5 Stars is just not enough for this exquisite work of erotic art"

78 Passionate poems of seduction are waiting for you to be devoured with lust and desire.

41Beautifully sensuous photographs have been included to heighten your visual experience with Ms. Clemens poetry.

A must-have for every couple looking for new ways to add the spark back into their flame.

This book is a compilation of 3 volumes worth of my super sexy passion-dripping erotic poetry. Definitely leaning towards the kinky side of things but always classy. These poems have something for every person's fantasy sex scene. It can be said that I am a little obsessed with the sensual world and, therefore, I try to visit there often. These poems with their accompanying photos are peeks into my obsession originally meant for only me and my closest companions but now available for all in this book of seduction.

Review: (As Appeared on

I’m not a poetry fan. Hated it in high school. Hated it even more in college. It’s really something that I never thought I would enjoy until stumbling across these deliciously erotic poems by Ms. Clemens. THIS is my kind of poetry.

“Dripping glistening hard and thick
Salivating anticipation grab and lick
Stroke and poke eager lips
Devour with power legs and hips.”
(excerpt from Devour with Power)

That is hot right there! What is really wonderful about these poems are that they are written with sensuality and class. They are not sleazy, smutty or trashy (even though there is nothing wrong with that from time to time.) This is a book that I would not be embarrassed to have someone find in my bedroom. This is more than just nighttime/before bed reading. These poems can be read to set the mood for a romantic evening with your loved one or add spark to your relationship.

Not only is this book filled with over 70 stimulating poems, there are over 40 arousing pictures as well. So not only are you getting a sensuous audible stimulation, your getting a stirring visual stimulation as well, which hopefully will lead to phenomenal physical stimulation. (Woo Hoo!) PLEASE, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this wonderful book of poems. Turn both the bed and the lights down and prepare for an evening of erotic bliss.