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L Charles Watson
 I am very goal oriented.I am an author.I do workshops in the secular and church arena.If you would like to contact me to teach, Minister or do a workshop at your event call (941)564-9306.No event is too big or too small.I dont charge but I do require that my way there and housing to be c More...



This book is about reality, spiritually and actuality. I believethat both the spiritual and natural sides of life need to bekept in balance. I can’t say it is a cure- all for what may beailing you, but it is definitely a point into the right direction to the life that you were designed to have and deserve. You mayhave opened book this up out of curiosity, but I believe it wasby divine appointment. I pray that you receive enlightenment,Illumination and revelation for you, about you, to you and in you.