Hunted (In the Crosshairs Book 1)

ABOUT Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox
Deborah Cox has seldon been without a writing pad and a pencil or pen in hand. From the time she knew what words were she has wanted to be a writer. Torn between her two loves, Literature and History, she opted for the former and earned a degree in English Lit. She lives in New Orleans wit More...



It's taken five years, but Nick Harrison has finally recovered from the tragedy that changed his life forever. He's living the good life, flying tourists around the tropical paradise of Buena Vista. Until a runaway bride's desperate plea for help lands him directly in the crosshairs of Luis Reynosa, the drug lord who murdered his partner and best friend.

On the day of her forced wedding to Luis Reynosa, Selena Arriaga finally manages to escape his fortified and guarded compound. Running desperately, with no hope of escaping Reynosa's men chasing her, she spots a miracle... or a mirage. Is that really a small plane at the end of the tarmac, with a handsome pilot who looks as though he's waiting just for her.

But the surly airman refuses to get involved until the choice is ripped from him by Reynosa’s men in hot pursuit. Certain he'll regret it for the rest his short life, he can't resist a runaway bride in distress, even if it means he has to face Reynosa and the reality that he himself was responsible for his partner and friend's death.

Worse, he is falling for the fiery beauty he rescued and is desperate to keep her safe. In spite of his surly attitude and obvious reluctance to be around her, Selena is drawn to him too. Through miles of jungle, the two fight each other, the elements and two and four-legged predators. They miraculously manage to stay one step ahead of Luis and his thugs. But if they are going to survive, they must stop fighting each other and start battling the fierce attraction between them.