Hope and Sensibility

Family & Relationships, Romance, Classics

By P. O. Dixon

Publisher : Regents and Cotswold Book Group

ABOUT P. O. Dixon

P. O. Dixon
P O Dixon acknowledges arriving rather late in the game. Her initial exposure to Pride and Prejudice was in 2007. After watching the 2005 film at least two times a day for as many weeks, she determined she needed to know much more of the story's hero. After reading the novel, along with se More...



Being the new father of a precocious little boy is but one of the challenges Darcy faces in this delightful sequel to #1 Best Seller in Regency Romances, He Taught Me to Hope. Extended family and friends—old and new—also demand their share of attention. 

Join Darcy, Elizabeth, and Ben on a diverting adventure, which picks up where The Mission (Book 2 in the Darcy and the Young Knight’s Quest series) ends. Travel with them to Kent, and then Hertfordshire, and finally back to Derbyshire and enjoy young Ben's exploits along the way. 

•●• Praise for Darcy and the Young Knight’s Quest Series •●• 

❝To watch the relationships between Darcy, Elizabeth and Ben blossom is lovely. I strongly recommend this novel.❞ 

❝Yet another delightful and tastefully written book by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and highly recommend. I look forward to the next book.❞ 

❝He Taught Me to Hope is a fun Pride and Prejudice adaptation! I loved the whole King Author aspect.❞ 

❝Dixon has made me fall in love as much with Ben as I love Darcy and Elizabeth! Well done!!❞ 

Everyone who has read and enjoyed He Taught Me to Hope will recall the story ended with a lovely little epilogue, which told of the Darcys’ happily ever after: how Darcy’s love for Ben was as great as if they were of the same blood, and how he had given Ben more than a home; he had given him a loving family such as Ben truly had never known. I supposed at the time that was the end of the story. So many of Ben’s adoring fans insisted otherwise—you know who you are. With so many voices ringing loud and clear, I listened. During the 2013 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I commenced crafting a new adventure for the adorable young knight who captured the hearts and the imagination of so many. With heartfelt gratitude, I offer you the fruit of my efforts.

"I can always count on Dixon's stories to truly find escape and become lost again in my favorite novel and with my favorite characters. With new plot twists, characters and drama, I love to be lost and revel in her tales. This series continues to grow, and this one was fantastic." —Books Hug Back