Nana And The Zombies: The Nana Files Book 2

ABOUT Cyndy Green

Cyndy Green
I am a wife, mother, grandmother and storyteller. I enjoy spending time with my family and I have always loved story time with my children and grandchildren. Nana's storytime is the inspiration for The Nana Files series. Nana and The Vampires is the first book in the series. I had a wonde More...



Book 2 in The Nana Files Series,

The Halloween Dance is the first Junior High dance of the year and Becky is very excited about it. She has plans to buy a new dress, wear lip gloss (for the first time) and dance with Mike Miller. Cindy has a few plans of her own, and none of them include dancing! She is worried about the escaped prisoners hiding somewhere in their town, prisoners that everyone says are zombies, and she is totally grossed out by an apparent flu epidemic sweeping the school. There is also a little problem with a freshmen boy named Rodney that is seeking revenge for an 'egging' incident. When Becky's dad, at the last minute, forbids her to attend the dance, giving her only vague reasons for his decision (which all seem to involve viruses and plagues) she decides to go anyway. Cindy agrees to help and the girls find themselves in a precarious situation, avoiding the vengeful giant Rodney, surrounded by sneezing dance-goers, and trapped in the dark with zombies!