A Sense of Urgency

ABOUT Doris Basil

Doris Basil
Doris Ijeoma Basil-Ibegbulam now known as Doris Basil is a wife and mother of four children. She is the CEO of a group of online retail businesses since 1999. She is also a Fashion Designer with her own line under the brand name ‘Doris Basil’. In the last few years she took some time o More...


My dear fellow Christians, are you ready for the Rapture? Are you ready for Heaven? Are you ready to escape the great tribulations? The time to answer these questions is now. In Matthew 24:14 our Lord Jesus Christ said that the last sign of his second coming is that the gospel will be preached to all nations and that has been accomplished and all we are doing now is to make sure every ear that can discern right and wrong hears the gospel. With satellite television from TBN and other Christian television networks, smart phone and other handheld technologies and the internet, soon every adult in all nations will hear about the gospel of salvation. Please get your family and yourself ready for Heaven now. Feel the urgency to do this instantly. Most importantly do not be left behind and do not end up in Hell.