PLAY The Discipline Solution: A New System Motivates Children to Do Chores while Teaching Life Skills & Self Discipline WITHOUT Cash or Spanking

PLAY The Discipline Solution: A New System Motivates Children to Do Chores while Teaching Life Skills & Self Discipline WITHOUT Cash or Spanking

ABOUT Angela Reuss

Angela Reuss
Angela Reuss (Cincinnati, Ohio) is the new author of "PLAY The Discipline Solution" She is a single mother of three children and has had multiple careers such as radio host/DJ, photographer and graphic designer.

Angela began working with children at a young age in hig More...


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This ready-to-use kit is a job, financial & legal system that teaches children life-skills & self-discipline while giving parents an easy way to discipline children.

For Parents:
• Strengthens respect without resentment
• Transforms conflict into cooperation
• Provides structure with rules and boundaries
• Fosters encouragement instead of demands
• Implements discipline without spanking or yelling
• An on-the-spot tool to organize & manage chaos

For Children:
• A fun & easy way to learn
• Teaches money management, math & life-skills
• Raises accountability & self-discipline
• Nurtures a sense of pride with independence
• Deflects disagreements & false sense of entitlement
• Provides a way to earn all privileges
• Inspires thinking before acting
• Moderates unhealthy things such as the use of video games, computers, sweets, & more.

According to the Clark University Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults --

"74% of parents say they provide financial support to their 18-29 year old children."

This may be due to the "Entitlement Epidemic" that we've recently been hearing about.

This kit was created to help decrease the issue of entitlement. It will help kids learn money management, life-skills, self-discipline and math at the same time. It helps children gain responsibility for their actions without the parent feeling the need to spank or stress so much.

The system within this book is based upon the job, monetary and legal system that adults operate within today; and it's been broken down to a child's level. It gives hands on experience to children while teaching them about self-sufficiency, life-skills, money management, earning and moderation. by bringing real life responsibility to a child's level of understanding.

This toolkit provides motivation for kids to help out with household chores and to take on responsibilities independently -- without paying a cash allowance.

Once you begin using this system, you can say 2 words that in most situations will get your kids to listen to you almost instantly.

The toolkit includes charts for chores as well as a pay, price, and fine lists, facts, rules, currency, and discipline tips for parents. Everything has a set pay, price and fine. Everyone with kids or planning on having kids can benefit from this system.

The charts make it simple to start using immediately and kids love the idea of it too.

Research and studies have been done to make this system cater to a child and parent's needs. It's been tested, tweaked and rewritten many times over the last few years to narrow things almost down to a science.

Having the knowledge of life-skills and money management are just as important as the things children learn in school because the job market and financial world is ever changing and becoming more and more competitive every day. It's essential for children to start learning life skills as soon as possible, so they can have a jump start on how things work in the real world. If they don't learn these essential life-skills now, their life and yours may be harder now, and later down the road. This is why I felt the need to share this system with the world.

Let's arm our children with tools for success; while you gain some relief. This book and kit is a positive and educational solution for child discipline. PLAY "The Discipline Solution" Really does work.