Masquerade: Nina's Revenge

Masquerade: Nina's Revenge

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J.L. Sapphire
Joyce Thomas, writes under a pen name J.L. Sapphire and is a self published author who has written two novellas and is working on full length novel. Her passion for reading and writing began in middle school and it's how she enjoys spending her free time when not working at her outside job More...



On the night of her 20th anniversary, Nina is home preparing her husband Braxton his favorite meal with plans to spend the rest of the evening trying to rekindle the flame that has long since died out in their marriage. Nina has packed on more than a few extra pounds over the years and no amount of dieting or exercise seems to work. Her world comes crashing to a screeching halt when Braxton arrives home and instead of celebrating their anniversary, he tells her that he’s no longer attracted or in love with her and that he’s leaving her…for her best friend, whom he’s been having an affair with since their college days and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he reveals that they also have a 15 year love child together and that he wants to be with his family. Braxton coldly tells her he plans to provide her with a generous divorce settlement before he walks out the door and her life for good.

Heartbroken and depressed, Nina gains even more weight as bitterness and the need to get even consumes her. 6 years go by before she decides to use the money from her divorce settlement and get plastic surgery, which includes liposuction and a face lift, altering her appearance drastically. Now looking and feeling younger & sexier, she carries out her plan to exact revenge on her cheating ex-husband and her back stabbing best friend and what better way to do so than to seduce their now 21 year old son, Christian whom she meets at Braxton’s annual masquerade ball.

With her new appearance and a fake name, Nina a*k*a Camille, uses her manipulation and sex skills to get Christian to give her all the money she needs to support the extravagant lifestyle she was accustomed to while married to Braxton. She gets more than she expected once Braxton becomes sexually attracted to who he thinks is his son’s new girlfriend and he’s willing to pay her to keep him satisfied and to keep her mouth shut, never realizing that she‘s his ex-wife.
When the truth about Nina comes out, families will be torn apart and relationships will be ruined but will Nina get the last laugh she thinks she rightfully deserves?